A guide to the various forms of Archana used in the world of EZORA.

  1. Mage Art :

Composed of the basic magic structure, this gradient of archana comprises of the basic celestial forms which are used by anyone having the ability to focus one’s Archanian powers to concentric amounts. This encompasses elemental magik as well as advanced combination of the art comprised of millions of spells which are widely used by the Mages, Archmages, Celestial beings and Weapon infusers.

  1. Sage Art:

A very rare form of art practiced only by the ones destined to possess such power. Its use hasn’t been encountered but some are led to believe it’s possible to create universes by using this art form.

  1. Rage Art:

Use of this art form has been forbidden and any relevant knowledge of how to use it isn’t present. This form was only encountered in the continent of Yazara and hasn’t been encountered since the division of the continent by the use of the only known technique in this art form simply termed as ‘Deathbringer’ which is believed to be used by The Dark Lord in the war against Azazel.

  1. Cage Art:

An art form which is used to capture celestial beings or Archanian powers inside hosts such as objects, weapons, signs or even creatures, living or dead. Summoning is an art form which comes in this gradient.

  1. Age Art:

A forbidden art form which is based on the Law of Equilibrium, its use can only be implemented by sacrificing something of equal value. Mostly it is known to decrease the life span of the user, hence the name.


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